Digital B2B sales as a growth lever

Solutions for technical infrastructure, networks and electronic security – in such a complex range as at Mayflex, customers value the personal advice. Because hardly anyone would want to go through pages of technical catalogs in order to choose the right one.

In the past, Mayflex customers could not do without the help of the sales team: Many even sent e-mails to their contact persons, who then took over the product selection for them – from start to finish. Processes like this got in the way of Mayflex’s international growth. Therefore, an online presence was implemented that should enable digital ordering.

But how do you convince customers to order online if they are used to personal advice? In the case of Mayflex: With a multichannel approach and a high level of user-friendliness in the online shops – both were made possible by the integration of FACT-Finder. Samantha Lynch, Mayflex Digital Product Owner, explains:

“As a customer, you can get an offer from the sales team and then order it online. Or you do it the other way around and get the offer in the online shop and confirm it with an employee ”. The online channel therefore complements offline sales instead of completely replacing it. The analysis data shows that more and more customers are switching to digital ordering.

Mayflex uses FACT-Finder to optimize and control four websites: the Mayflex shop page and three websites for its own brand, Excel, which are available in English, French and Spanish. The main purpose of the Excel websites is to educate customers about the products on offer and provide content to help them choose the perfect product.

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