“Fascinatingly simple”: This is the claim of MEVACO, Europe’s leading supplier of expanded metals, perforated sheets and welded grids. As a pioneer in the industry, the medium-sized company shows great enthusiasm for innovation in Industry 4.0 technologies. Always with the aim of making everyday work as much easier for customers from metal construction and trade. All seven B2B web shops are controlled from the headquarters in Göppingen. A high degree of automation is correspondingly important to the eCommerce team. This is why MEVACO relies on the FACT-Finder search and navigation technology across Europe – and thus solves numerous B2B requirements from scratch.

Digital pioneer in an analog industry

One published in 2019 Study by the Fraunhofer Institute states: 79 percent of steel and metal traders have no experience with Industry 4.0 technologies. Although the digital change in this industry has hardly picked up speed so far, MEVACO stood out early on with its digital services – including both the intuitive B2B web shop with product configurator, inspiration area and video tutorials as well as the MEVACO app, which provides an insight into the entire range and all product samples there. Christian Mertens, E-Commerce Manager at MEVACO explains:

“What sets us apart from the competitors in the metal construction industry is that we are a very open-minded company when it comes to digitization. We try to automate the processes as much as possible. Today we offer over 14,000 articles in our shop and with our new MEVACO Configurator the variety is almost infinite. Our range of online services encourages customers to process their orders digitally. We are working hard to ensure that this proportion continues to rise in the next few years. “

Previously used search was not suitable for B2B web shops

When it comes to providing customers with a procurement process that is as quick and easy as possible, the search in the B2B webshop is of central importance. However, the search solution previously used by MEVACO was unable to meet the requirements of the metal trader – both in terms of accuracy and functionality. In addition, optimizing the search results would have taken a lot of time and resources. Exactly what you want to avoid as an eCommerce team in a medium-sized company. Especially when you have six other B2B web shops to look after.

For this reason, MEVACO decided to integrate a new solution and considered several providers. The decision then fell on FACT-Finder, because:

“The search and navigation solution has strengths in automation and solves important B2B requirements in the standard, where others either have to fit or require a lot of customizing effort. So FACT-Finder is exactly what we needed, ”says Christian Mertens.

Increase and measure KPIs: 2-minute excursion in FACT-Finder Analytics

Exact article number search in the B2B webshop

Searching in the MEVACO shop is also extremely important for returning buyers. Because those who already know their way around are primarily looking for article numbers or DIN standards. With the FACT Finder “Exact Search” function, product experts can find exactly what they need – and nothing else.

Industry 4.0 technologies.  Exact search in MEVACO's B2B shop.

Returning customers often look for article numbers or DIN standards. With the FACT-Finder “Exact search” function, MEVACO brings such customers directly to the right product in the B2B web shop.

Next steps: Suggest optimization and CMS search

MEVACO has already greatly improved its usability in the B2B web shop with the core functions of FACT-Finder. The eCommerce team is all the more excited to see what results the next projects will bring:

“We planned to further optimize the suggest and also integrate the search for the CMS pages. We still have a lot of ideas on how we can use the potential of FACT-Finder for our future digital growth. It’s good to know that FACT-Finder, like us, is always working on innovations that we would like to use, ”Christian Mertens sums up.


MEVACO is Europe’s leading supplier of expanded metals, perforated sheets, corrugated grids and welded grids and offers the greatest variety. With 135 employees at 10 locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Hungary and Poland as well as other partners in Scandinavia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and the Baltic States, MEVACO reaches over 20,000 customers all over Europe. The product range is expanded regularly and includes standard products as well as individually configurable products.

AI in eCommerce - FACT-Finder Next Generation for B2B web shops

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