1. Web Components: Easiest integration into each Shop system – and optimal for your shop performance

Faster loading times FACT-Finder interfaces

Web Components – attention, now it’s getting technical – describe reusable HTML modules for displaying functionalities in the browser. Web Components can be used to teach the browser new HTML: Complex content can be implemented with just a few lines of code. Web Components are native and do not require a framework. Instead, the browser serves as the interface. The core idea of ​​Web Components is an effortless exchange of functionalities – regardless of framework, domain or programming language.

And what does that mean for FACT-Finder?

That its functionalities can basically be integrated as easily as a Google map or a YouTube video. For each FACT-Finder module there is an HTML element that works in all common browsers. Once integrated, you can control and style the web components according to your requirements. For most online retailers, this aspect is very important, as one of our users makes clear:

“I spent a long time looking at the topic of onsite search and compared different providers. A big plus point of FACT-Finder is that it interacts with our shop without interfering with the architecture of our website. With FACT-Finder we remain completely independent. The shop communicates with the search – the design of the pages, however, remains with us. ” – Benjamin Vinke, Head of Marketing & BI, ifestyle4living.de

In addition to the simple, framework-independent integration, the Web Components also bring one Image resizing service for you with. This means that your product images are displayed directly on the various devices in the correct resolution. What also optimizes your loading speed in the shop:

We carried out cross-sector comparison tests in e-commerce and measured the performance of a total of 31 online shops. The result: In online shops that have integrated FACT-Finder with Web Components, the Loading time 77% faster on average. So I see great potential here for all online retailers who want to increase their performance.

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