Hardly anyone will be surprised that this year’s Christmas business is particularly strong in eCommerce. According to a Klarna study, online retailers already achieved an average of 56% more sales compared to the previous year on Black Friday. But the announcement of the lockdown is now giving online shops an additional traffic boost. At FACT-Finder, we are prepared for peak loads so that you can concentrate fully on selling.

Our server data shows: The traffic in Germany’s online shops reached the level of the Cyberweek on December 13th: Compared to an average weekday, online shops recorded 17% more traffic. On Black Friday itself it was 43% more traffic.

Sven Friedrichs, Head of FACT-Finder Development and SaaS
Sven Friedrichs, Head of FACT-Finder SaaS

Sven Friedrichs, Head of FACT-Finder Development and SaaS, explains:

“”Since our conversion engine is integrated in more than 1,800 online shops across Europe, we have a unique view of data on general customer behavior. With our hybrid cloud infrastructure, we are prepared for the current traffic peaks and ensure stable operation for our customers during the Christmas business. “

Already at the time of the first lockdown in spring 2020, the evaluations by FACT-Finder showed a significant increase in the number of users. From March to April, online shops recorded an average of 20% more traffic. But the larger number of visitors did not result in more sales. One possible reason for this is that online shops were also used to pass the time during this time. This thesis is supported by the fact that some online retailers have reported a change in user behavior: In spring, up to 10% of customers clicked on search results page 3, which is unusually far. For the Christmas business, however, we expect that the increased traffic will also be reflected in the sales of the online shops.

If you have any questions, our customers are welcome to contact our service desk: service-desk@fact-finder.de
Good luck in the Christmas business!

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