Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Singles’ Day – November is full of shopping events that have become bigger and bigger in recent years, including in Germany. But how will this development continue in 2020? One thing is certain: the corona pandemic will massively increase the online share of the Christmas business. It is now all the more important to optimally prepare your own online shop for Black Friday. But more on that in a moment. First, let’s take a look at the 4 most exciting trends.

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Black Friday 2020 - Trend 01

Shops have to rethink the pandemic

The more customers there are in the store, the better? While this principle applied to last year’s Black Friday, multichannel retailers and retail chains must proceed in a more differentiated manner in 2020 in order not to damage their own image: For example, the promotion of special offers that are only available in stores could be perceived by customers as unreasonable – especially with risk groups.

It will be a balancing act for merchants to encourage people to buy, build trust, and drive purchases – in a way that shows they care about their customers.

Incidentally, major US retailers such as Walmart and Barnes & Noble have already announced that they will close their stores on Thanksgiving – the day before Black Friday. In the case of Walmart, it’s the first time in more than 30 years that the world’s largest retailer has closed its doors on Thanksgiving. And the number of traders who follow this example continues to grow and is currently at almost 100.

A survey by Google says that more than one-third of US buyerswho previously shopped in store on Black Friday will not do so this year!

Black Friday 2020 - Trend 02

Almost forgotten measures make a comeback

In times of social distancing, there will be no crowds in stores. But a strategic compromise could be to convert the store into a full-film center or – with the help of the shop window – into a showroom. For example through the following services:

  • QR codes (yes, really)
    Who would have thought it possible: QR codes can actually be put to good use today – as a bridge between the shop window and the online shop. Interested passers-by are invited to order the exhibited product online, completely contactless and convenient. You can find detailed instructions including a QR code generator in this blog post …
  • Click and collect
    This shopping behavior could be particularly important for this year’s Black Friday. When customers no longer want to squeeze through the store aisles and – as in the USA – even spend the night in front of the store, the online shop becomes the primary sales platform. Products can then be picked up in the local store and cross-sell offers can be taken away. According to Adobe Analytics say 82% of customers that they buy additional products in the storewhen they pick up an online purchase.
  • Pick up at the roadside
    A new trend that should be particularly well received in times of the pandemic: With the curbside pickup, customers have the option of picking up their order at the roadside or at designated parking spaces. So without having to leave your own vehicle. With this method, for example the fashion brand diesel is already in use, more security is created for both employees and customers.

Salesforce predicts that dealers who offer pickup services will be theirs Increase digital sales by 90%compared to the Christmas business in 2019.

Black Friday 2020 - Trend 03

Amazon Prime Day joins the party

This year was anything but conventional. But the development of Q4 sales will be particularly exciting given that Amazon not only postponed its Prime Day twice this year, but also extended it to two days. The event will take place on October 13th and 14th. Traditionally, the three-month time window between October 1 and December 31 is the most important in retail. So far it was exclusively dominated by Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Singles Day.

Of course, it is still uncertain how Prime Day will affect the Christmas business. But it should be noted: Last year Prime Day became the biggest shopping day in Amazon’s history. More than 100,000 laptops, 200,000 televisions, 300,000 headphones, 350,000 luxury beauty products and more than 1 million toy products were sold. This made Prime Day 2019 more successful than Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2018 combined.

Salesforce predicts Prime Day in October up to 10% of Cyber ​​Week sales could tap.

Black Friday 2020 - Trend 04

Online sales will grow even faster than before

Because of the corona pandemic, entire consumer groups have switched to online shopping. According to the IBM and US Retail Index, the shift in market share in favor of online retail was sped up by about five years. And according to that Adobe Digital Economy Index the purchasing volume in April and May 2020 was even higher than in November and December 2019. This trend will continue. Once you get used to the advantages of online shopping, you will usually continue to order online in the future.

In any case, I’m curious what the numbers for this year’s Christmas business will say. Last year, our FACT Finder data showed that the highest user activity happened on the day before Black Friday. In 2020, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday will not be selective shopping events either, but – together with Singles Day – will merge into a continuous discount season. A thesis that AT Kearney partner Michael Brown Splits: “I think we really don’t need to think about Black Friday and think more about when the holiday season starts. I think this needs to be picked up by retailers as early as November 1st. “

Salesforce predicts that in the upcoming holiday season up to 30% of global retail sales is generated via digital channels.

Okay, the bottom line is that sales will shift more and more quickly from offline to online this year. The question now is: How do you make sure that you as an online retailer use your opportunities properly? As is so often the case here, too: preparation is (almost) everything. So here are a few tips on how you can optimize both the promotion of your offer and your shop for Black Friday.

First things first: Promote the offer effectively

Generating a lot of traffic is of course not everything, but without traffic everything is nothing. That’s why I want to briefly go over a few elementary levers for more shop visitors with you.

1. Email marketing – the essential tool for more traffic

Email has a capability that many channels don’t: They create valuable, personal details – on a scale. – David Atlas, (@dratlas)

E-mails are one of the most effective measures to successfully communicate with your own customers and prospects. A study by Econsultancy says: Three quarters of the companies surveyed report an “excellent” to “good” ROI with email marketing. And a report by the Direct Marketing Association shows: The average ROI is $ 42 for every $ 1 invested in email marketing.

What’s important to say about email campaigns that you didn’t know? Probably not much. Therefore, here are some facts put together by Hubspot for refreshment. 🙂

  • Marketing emails have the highest open rates on Tuesdays
  • At 11:00 a.m., emails have their highest click rates
  • The more images an email contains, the lower the click rate
  • Emojis in the subject line had a higher open rate for 56% of the brands surveyed
  • Subject lines that contain the recipient’s first name have a higher click-through rate
  • 51% of surveyed marketers say that improving contact quality is the biggest hurdle for them to success in email marketing
  • More than half of the e-mails are opened on mobile devices
  • E-mails that are displayed incorrectly on mobile are sometimes deleted by users within three seconds
  • 78% of customers unsubscribed from newsletters because they received too many messages


2. Use the right hashtags

As the saying goes: Be where your customers are. It goes without saying that social media marketing is extremely important for Black Friday promotion and traffic generation. Whether Instagram or Facebook, whether Twitter or Tik Tok – hashtags are important in most channels to optimize your visibility. So make sure to use all the important tags so that no Black Friday shopper can miss your offer. The most popular hashtags in recent years have included:

#Black Friday

# blackfriday2019



# cybermonday2019


3. Create SEO content that attracts and inspires visitors

Online retailers usually generate most of their traffic through Google. It is therefore worthwhile to include suitable SEO content in your promotion strategy. Blog posts, videos and other content formats in the shop can, for example, show your current deals, recommend gift ideas or present trendy gadgets. The main thing is that the content ranks well and arouses the interest of new, potential customers. In advance, you should research exactly which Google keywords you should best tailor your content to.

As a tip: index your content in your on-site search and suggestion function. Shop visitors who want to be inspired can then quickly find the information they want.

High quality and easy to find content from Footlocker.

Convince in the shop: This is how you design your on-site marketing

Of course, a lot of traffic is of no use if the dearly recruited visitors do not feel that they have been picked up and leave the shop quickly. The way in which you present your offer and your products in the online shop has a major influence on the purchasing behavior of your customers. Especially for the Christmas business you should pull out all the stops to make your shop as appealing as possible. As the market leader for eCommerce search and navigation, we in the FACT Finder team know a number of adjusting screws for optimization. Here I have put some for you:

1. Supplement the start page and landing pages with appealing banners

Those who shop at the end of November are looking for one thing above all else: the best deals! How do you make your customers feel right at first sight? By teasing your Black Friday offer on the homepage: be it with banners, product suggestions, bundle offers or special promotions. So that your customers can’t help but take a closer look at you. 😉

Onsite marketing that works: Cooksongold shows a variety of appealing banners to promote Black Friday specials.

2. Inspire with feedback campaigns

So that you keep the red thread of your Black Friday topic, it is best to place your top offers prominently in the search results and category pages. Tip: With the FACT-Finder function “Feedback Campaign” you can equip your results pages with attractive graphics, texts and product sets. You can specify where exactly this content appears in the product results: above the article list, integrated in the result or elsewhere.

3. Align search rankings with discounts

The search in the shop is the most important sales tool. Because the purchase intention of customers who enter something in the search is usually higher than when they click through the categories …

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